Occupational Safety, Health Protection and Environmental Safety (OHE)



OHE Deputy I - MEM

OHE Deputy II

The “Federal Act on Accident Insurance” of March 20, 1981 (Status as of January 1st, 2013) and the Ordinance on the Prevention of accidents and Occupational Diseases “(Accident Prevention Ordinance)“ of December 19, 1983 (Status as of April 4th, 2017) provide the basis for the implementation of safety measures at work. The Department for BioMedical Research is considered as an Institute with special hazards. Accordingly a Safety Concept (“Sicherheitskonzept", in German only) and diverse directives are available, which describe general and specific safety guidelines. These guidelines are summarized in the “Safety Guidelines”. All members of the DBMR are bound to know and to comply with these guidelines.

The management of the organizational unit has the responsibility to ensure the safety of people, of the environment as well as the safety at workplaces. It ensures the implementation and adherence to the operational safety concept and has defined the necessary organizational structure.