Nephrology and Hypertension

Major topics of research in the Department of Nephrology and Hypertension are as follows:

Renal imaging (Prof. B.Vogt); Role of the kidney in Vit D metabolism and atherosclerosis (PD Dr. G. Escher); Sodium / proton exchangers (NHEs) (Prof. Dr. D. Fuster); Steroids (Dr. N. Dhayat, Dr. D. Ackermann); Steroidomics (PD Dr. M. Grössel, PD. Dr. G. Escher und Prof. B. Vogt); Kidney development and hypoxia (Prof. U. Huynh-Do); Ephrin receptors, Ephrin und Angiogenesis (Prof. U. Huynh-Do); Pathogenesis of chronic allograft failure after kidney transplantation (Dr. D. Sidler); Haemodialysis therapy: Kinetic and dynamic (Prof. D. Uehlinger).

Membrane Transport Discovery Lab (Prof. M. Hediger) →
Transport proteins are gatekeepers in membranes of cells and organelles and their dysfunction contributes to the pathogenesis of major human diseases. Our research focuses on medically important transporters that serve as targets for the development of novel treatment strategies and precision medicine tools.

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Group Members: 41

Group Vogt 9

Group Fuster 7

Group Grössl 2

Group Hediger 10

Group Huynh-Do 6

Group Mohaupt 3

Group Sidler 2

Group Uehlinger 1