About us

The Life Cell Imaging (LCI) Core Facility of the Department of BioMedical Research of the University of Bern, located at Murtenstrasse 24, aims to provide the technology, infrastructure, and know-how in optical imaging and histological methods of living cell, tissue cultures and fixed specimens. All kinds of samples can be analysed untreated or by using specific staining and labelling in combination with bright field, fluorescence, or laser scanning microscopy. Biological processes may be visualized and studied in live time-lapse-series. Processing and analysis of image data is possible by using two pow-erful workstations within the facility.

The LCI houses a laboratory for histology and a cell culture lab. Microscopy equipment consists of a Leica DMI 4000B microscope for conventional brightfield/fluorescence imaging, an IncuCyte S3 Live Cell Analysis System for long-term sample observation, and a Zeiss LSM 710 confocal laser scanning microscope. The Core Facility offers re-search groups to prepare and process their samples in the same place as they will be imaged and analysed.

The facility is offering introductory courses in microscopy, sample preparation and his-tological procedures and is open for collaboration with any groups in need of establish-ing immunohistochemical protocols. The LCI also offers supporting courses for histolo-gy (for chromagen and fluorescence labellings). Please refer to this homepage, or the homepage of the MIC (http://www.mic.unibe.ch ) for the announcement of courses.