Team and Contact

Team LCI

Team LCI

The LCI is part of the MIC - Microscopy Imaging Center at the University of Bern.

New Address as of 19. October 2021

Murtenstrasse 24
Level 4
Laboratory 469
CH-3008 Bern


Our facility uses different rooms at Murtenstrasse 24, 35, 40 and 50:

  • Murtenstrasse 35: E812 (Nikon Eclipse E800), G809 (histology lab), G802 (IncuCyte and cell culture lab)
  • Murtenstrasse 40: U116 (Nikon Ti-E and PC Workingstations)
  • Murtenstrasse 50: U3 302 (Zeiss LSM710 and Nikon Ti-E Spinning Disk), E405 (Leica DMI4000B)

This infrastructure can be accessed around the clock by badge access, but staff is only available from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 to 17:00.

A guideline for the use of the LCI Core facility is provided in this very webpage. Please ensure you have read all relevant instructions, it will help you to maximize the success of your valuable experiments. In case of further questions, please contact us.