The LCI Core Facility aims to provide high-quality support  for research projects performed at DBMR and other institutions of the University of Bern. With its mission to train and support junior researchers at the University of Bern, the LCI Core Facility is con-stantly involved in a number of collaborations with numerous research groups where a reasonable amount of its total working time is bound.



The MIC kindly asks all users of the LCI Core Facility to acknowledge the support of the Microscopy Imaging Centre (MIC) in any publication with data obtained with MIC equipment. A gesture of recognition may be done by simply acknowledging that the study was performed with the support of the Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC), Uni-versity of Bern.

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The MIC also kindly requests to get acknowledeged when a new publication which in-cludes microscopic techniques is added to the BORIS system of the University of Bern:

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“09 Interdisciplinary Units - Microscopy Imaging Center”

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