IncuCyte S3

Live Cell Analysis System

The IncuCyte is located inside an incubator and automatically acquires images from multi-well plates over time for real-time live analysis. The IncuCyte can accommodate a wide range of culture vessels and allows to schedule different experiments in parallel. More than 20 IncuCyte applications are available as health and viability, migration and invasion and other live-cell assays.

 Lenses  4x, 10x, 20x
 Illumination  Phase contrast, Green (Ex. 440-480 nm, Em. 504-544 nm), Red (Ex. 565-605 nm, Em. 625-705 nm)
 Software  IncuCyte
 Location Departement for BioMedical Research
University of Bern
Room E 802
Murtenstrasse 35
CH-3008 Bern
IncuCyte S3