The LCI Core Facility is open to the Department for BioMedical Research and external users. For most of the infrastructure users are required to book online using the booking system of the MIC (

For new requests of booking devices in the LCI Core Facility you have to fill in the MIC device request form available from the „Links“ section and to send it to Carlos Wotzkow, Selina Steiner or PD Dr. Fabian Blank.

This infrastructure can be accessed around the clock by badge access, but staff is only available from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 to 17:00.

To access the facility, users will need to have their badge activated. Please contact the Secretariat, to patch your badge or to obtain one if you don’t have one.

The Histology Lab (Murtenstrasse 35, room G809) which is housing equipment for immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry labeling, paraffin embedding and paraffin cutting is available for training and advices. In exceptional cases histology procedures can be performed in the lab under the supervision and after coordination with Selina Steiner or Carlos Wotzkow.

The Confocal Microscope Zeiss LSM 710, the Fluorescence Microscope Nikon Spinning Disk (Murtenstrasse 50, Room U3 302), Leica DMI4000 B (Murtenstrasse 50, Room E 405), the Nikon Ti-E (Murtenstrasse 40, U113) and the Nikon E800 (Murtenstrasse 35, G809) may only be used after proper training by facility staff. Users who possess experience with similar microscopes may not need full training (at the discretion of facility staff) but will still need to be instructed in cleaning procedures and the basic rules of use of the facility.

Users are welcome to request training sessions to learn how to use the laser scanning and fluorescence microscopes correctly. Training can be given at any time upon agreement with facility staff who will book the device in advance.

The use of the IncuCyte (Murtenstrasse 35, G802) will take place only under supervision of the staff. Please always contact by e-mail

Selina Steiner, Lab Manager LCI
Carlos Wotzkow, Lab Manager LCI or
PD Dr. Fabian Blank, Head of LCI Facility

for booking and setup of your live cell experiments. Sterile Hood (cell culture lab) located in the same room of the IncuCyte can only be used under supervision and has to be booked using the online booking system.

Workstations located at Murtenstrasse 40, U116 may be booked for image processing.