Microscopes, workstations and the sterile hood of the cell culture lab can only be used after booking via MICBOOK Equipment Manager of the University of Bern.

You can access the booking system using your existing campus account username and password. If you are a new user, please register first via “New Campus User” or “New External User”. Once you have registered, you will be able to send requests for book-ings to the object administrators by clicking on “Object Requests” and by choosing the specific object from the list. The object will be available for booking as soon as the ad-ministrator has granted you the permission.

The following instruments are available for booking: 

•    DBMR – IncuCyte S3 Live Cell Analysis System – Slots 1-4
•    DBMR – LCI IncuCyte Wound Maker
•    DBMR – LCI Leica DMI4000 B
•    DBMR – LCI PC Workstation 1 CL-Quant
•    DBMR – LCI PC Workstation 2 Imaris
•    DBMR – LCI PC Workstation 3 Imaris
•    DBMR – LCI Zeiss LSM 710
•    DBMR – Nikon Eclipse E800
•    DBMR – Nikon Eclipse Ti-E
•    DBMR – Nikon Eclipse Ti-E Spinning Disk (LED)

Logbook: You will find a paper logbook next to each microscope. Please fill in your name, date, working hours and comments (if necessary) after use.

For new requests of booking devices in the LCI Core Facility you have to fill in the MIC device request form available from the „Quick Links“ section and to send it to Carlos Wotzkow, Selina Steiner or PD Dr. Fabian Blank.

Cancellation: Booking can be cancelled up to 12 hours beforehand without charge. Please contact LCI staff in case cancellation is necessary at a later time point. Cancel-lations less than 6 hours ahead may be charged at full cost unless taken up by another user or for a reason beyond the user`s control (subject to the Facility Head agreement).

The use of the IncuCyte S3 will need the supervision of our staff. Please contact us directly for booking and availability.