Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR)

Core Equipment



In the DBMR there are 2 Bio-Plex Suspension Array System (BioRad) available for general use.

For reservation please check our Reservations-System

Bio-Plex is a liquid suspension array system, based on the xMAP-Technology developed by Luminex and permitting the multiplexing of theoretically up to 500 different assays within a single sample. It is suitable for detection of antigens, antibodies, DNA, enzyme substrates, and possibly more.

More information
Bio-Plex 100
Flexmap 3D

Data analysis is carried out with the Bio-Plex Manager 6.1 software from Bio-Rad. The DBMR owns a Floating License for this software. Read more about the software

The Bio-Plex system are located at the
Murtenstrasse 50
4th floor
Lab E403

First-time users or users with specific questions concerning the system, please contact one of the following persons listed below, we regularly organize introductory courses for new users, please see the pdf-file under "more information" register with Alain Despont.
Only introduced and registered users are allowed to use the machine!