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Bioplex-Manager (Bio-Rad)


The Bio-Plex system is the only bead-based multiplex assay system available that provides system control, system validation, calibration, data acquisition, and data reduction all from a single software application. Bio-Plex Manager expedites your workflow, streamlines data analysis, and simplifies data archiving. Bio-Plex Manager is designed around the assay workflow. It is easy to learn, easy to use and remember. Bio-Plex Manager can be used with all Luminex bead-based assays.

You will find more Information at > Life Science Research > Multiplex Suspension Array System > Bio-Plex Workstation and Software > Bio-Plex Manager Software.

The Software can be installed on PC or on Macintosh using Virtual PC. The DBMR owns a multi-user license, allowing for the installation on the PCs of the individual users. Like this you can analyze your Bio-Plex data an your own PC, as long as you have a connection to the UniBE computer network.