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Imaris (Bitplane) - Confocal Microscopy


Installation / Configuration / Application Support

Imaris software is used for 3D-analysis of confocal images. It has many tools to visualize the stacks in three-dimensional manner, and to measure statistical characteristics of the registered 3D-emission units, called voxels.

The program gives several possibilities to visualize the image stacks. In the Volume rendering option, the images are shown as in the microscope, but one layer above the other so that a volume is created. Isosurface is a tool that covers the structures with a mesh of triangles, to build a surface around the voxels, which are close to each other. Even 4D- analysis is possible if several stacks of the same sample have been acquired. In this way gradual changes of the sample over time can be analysed.

Imaris Coloc is used to find out whether structures stained with two different fluorochromes are colocalized. As is in most cases, the staining is very specific; colocalisation indicates the association of two molecules at the specific location.

Further applications of Imaris are; collection of several statistical data, creation of movies, stereoscopic display, filter- functions and more options for accurate rendering of biological structures.

Users are encouraged to visit the web site of the Bitplane company for more detailed information: Bitplane Inc.