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PDQuest is a software package for imaging, analyzing, and databasing 1-D (Quantity One) and 2-D electrophoresis gels. PDQuest can acquire images of gels using any of several Bio-Rad imaging systems. An image of a gel is captured using the controls in the imaging device window and displayed on your computer screen. Another possibility is the import of high resolution *.tif images. The scanned gel can then be cropped, rotated, etc., using the image editing controls. With Automated Spot Detection and Matching you can select the gels you want to analyze, detect spots of interest, create a MatchSet, and match gels all from one dialog box. The Spot Detection Wizard guides you through the process of identifying and quantifying the spots in the gel image. After detection, gels in the same experimental series are placed in a MatchSet for comparison, statistical analysis, and databasing. Histograms allow you to quickly compare the quantities of the same spot in all the gels in a matchset. Spots can also be compared qualitatively, organized into user-defined sets for further analysis, and annotated and databased for easy identification. Spots from different experimental series can be organized and compared in high-level matchsets. PDQuest can be used to simultaneously analyze thousands of spots on hundreds of gels. Data can be exported to other applications such as spreadsheets for further analysis.

The software runs in a Windows environment.