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Application support

REDCap ( is a web based Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) that has been developed by Vanderbilt University with funding from the NIH. Its aim is to support the academic research community in the creation of GCP compliant study databases and surveys despite their often small budget. REDCap is presently used in 74 countries by over 900 institutions. REDCap offers multiple features such as the creation of electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs), creation of a visit plan, randomization, query management, creation and management of surveys, secure login, audit trail, edit checks, seamless export to the most common statistical packages etc.

REDCap is installed on the servers of the CTU Bern (DBMR). The software is very user-friendly and easy to learn. The license is available at no cost. However, the CTU Bern is charging their services. Two models are offered:

  1. Basic Services:
    With this model CTU Bern offers limited REDCap assistance, comprising:
  • Introduction to CRF design, coding standards etc
  • Introduction to REDCap
  • Initial setup of study database (without eCRFs)
  • Rough review of the eCRFs created by researcher/customer
  • User management
  • Deployment

whereas the researcher/customer is responsible for creating the requirements, the codebook, the visit plan, the eCRFs and the edit checks and for testing the implementation of the study database

Costs for Basic Services: CHF 2000.-

  1. Full Services:
  • With this model CTU Bern sets up the entire study database in REDCap, including:
  • Creation of requirements & codebook in collaboration with the researcher/customer
  • Creation of visit plan, eCRFs, edit checks
  • User management
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Before deployment, the researcher/customer must perform an obligatory acceptance test using CTU Bern’s standard procedures for testing a REDCap database

Costs for full services: Survey from approx. CHF 3‘000, study from approx CHF 6‘000.-

(Note: Costs are highly dependent on number of variables, complexity of edit checks etc.)

Initial consulting is free of charge. Together with the researcher/customer, CTU Bern will clarify whether a REDCap implementation can cover the study requirements and then estimate the costs for a full service option accordingly.