Bally Lab

Our group is affiliated with the Department of Diabetes, Endocrinology, Nutritional Medicine and Metabolism, at the Inselspital, Bern. We are dedicated to understanding the complex relationships between nutrition, metabolism, and health, with a particular focus on diabetes and obesity. Key to this endeavor are advanced metabolic techniques, notably the use of stable isotopes for in vivo Metabolic Flux Analysis, studying the kinetics of metabolic substrates and hormones in humans. Further insight into metabolic processes is obtained in vivo through non-invasive imaging techniques like magnetic resonance spectroscopy or physiological modeling approaches to target and analyze specific mechanisms.

We strive to develop and apply state-of-the-art technologies for individualized therapy. A significant component, is our work on closed-loop automated insulin delivery systems, particularly in the hospital setting. Our research has substantially contributed to bringing this groundbreaking therapy closer to clinical application. Further, we are actively exploring innovative approaches using digital tools and wearable technologies to develop and evaluate new digital biomarkers that pave the way for the individualization of treatment and prevention plans.