Novak Lab

Molecular analyses of malignant lymphomas

Is autophagy a rational therapeutic target in malignant lymphomas?

Our independent research groups (longstanding collaboration with Prof. Mario Tschan, Institut of Pathology, University of Bern) are interested in the pathogenesis of acute myeloid leukemia and, in my case, especially malignant lymphomas. We share the interest on the possible role of autophagy in the pathology of these diseases. The discovery of possibly new therapeutic targets, particularly in a highly complex process such as autophagy, fully depends on the knowledge of any process in normal counterpart cells. Whether the autophagy recycling pathway is involved in the resistance of hematological and solid cancers against chemotherapeutic agents and targeted therapies is being analyzed in close collaboration with other specialists in the field.

Genetics of familial lymphomas – a national-wide project

Molecular characterization of mediastinal lymphomas in siblings
Although rare, familial clustering of malignant lymphoma is a unique opportunity to unravel the pathogenesis of diseases. We have already analyzed the findings on a family with two siblings affected with aggressive, mediastinal lymphomas with massively parallel whole-exome sequencing and array CGH. This successful first analysis will now be extended to a nation-wide project.