Research Programs

Schefold Lab

Ongoing Projects

  • Innosuisse project to develop an innovative therapy for extracorporeal dialysis and
    immunomodulation (Innovation Project – Life Sciences 43113-1)
  • «RECREATE», Project for intraoperative immunomodulation using cytokine adsorption in
    heart surgery, Collaboration Department of Cardiovascular Surgery)
  • «PHINEST», Pharyngeal electrical stimulation for the treatment of dysphagia after
    extubation: multicenter randomized clinical study
  • «HOT-ICU», Handling oxygenation targets in the ICU, multinational randomized clinical
  • «IMPACT/HOPE», Innosuisse innovation project to develop non-invasive devices for
    measuring blood pressure (Collaboration)
  • «NAChO», Prospective observational study with extensive omics diagnostic testing for
    nutrients in critical disease