Stueber & Hedinger Lab

While research in macro-physiology – embracing dimensions such as respiration and hemodynamics – has shaped research in anaesthesia over decades, discoveries in and understanding of molecular biology offer tremendous opportunities to advance perioperative care today. With anaesthesiology and surgery evolving interdependently, and given the very definition of anaesthesiology as a field of collaborative perioperative medicine, we aim to understand patients’ molecular risks and responses to surgical interventions under anaesthesia, in order to define the best practices for personalised perioperative patient care.

Our group focuses on the genetic predisposition for perioperative morbidity and mortality. Our special interests are inflammation/immunology, the cardiovascular system, pharmacogenetics, and pain medicine. With basic science as our foundation and translational medicine as our vision, our goal is to contribute significantly to precision medicine in anaesthesiology and perioperative care, both nationally and internationally.

In our lab, we apply a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art molecular and cell biology methods, linking basic science with clinical phenotypes to enhance recovery after surgery through personalised medicine.

  • The research group Anesthesiology investigates a variety of topics in the context of anesthesiology and pain medicine. It is supported by a study nurse team: Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • More detailed information about our research can be found on our Insel Website.