Vogt Lab


Renal imaging (Prof. B.Vogt); Role of the kidney in Vit D metabolism and atherosclerosis (PD Dr. G. Escher); Sodium / proton exchangers (NHEs) (Prof. Dr. D. Fuster); Steroids (Dr. N. Dhayat, Dr. D. Ackermann); Steroidomics (PD Dr. M. Grössel, PD. Dr. G. Escher und Prof. B. Vogt); Kidney development and hypoxia (Prof. U. Huynh-Do); Ephrin receptors, Ephrin und Angiogenesis (Prof. U. Huynh-Do); Pathogenesis of chronic allograft failure after kidney transplantation (Dr. D. Sidler); Haemodialysis therapy: Kinetic and dynamic (Prof. D. Uehlinger).