The actual breeding and experimental capacity of the CMF is determined by the following amount of isolators and racks: 

  • Breeding isolators: the CMF is equipped with 48 M20 isolators that can hold up to 20 cages and 10 M50 isolators that can hold up to 50 cages.
  • Experimental isolators : the CMF is equipped with 2 M10 isolators that can hold up to 10 cages and 10 isolators with a capacity of 4 to 8 cages.
  • Several IVC racks (positive pressure lines) that are available for housing gnotobiotic mice under low cost conditions (280 cages) are available
  • Two “Isocage“ technology racks are available for gnotobiotic and axenic experiments under low cost conditions, with high experimental possibilities as each cage represents an “isolator“ (100 cages).

One isolator (space of an M50) is equipped for behavioral tests (T-maze, novel object recognition and open field) under gnotobiotic conditions using automated camera recording of the mice and the software.

Several laminar flow hoods with ports for sterile connections to experimental isolators are available to perform manipulations that are not possible within isolators (intravenous injections, surgeries etc.).

A laminar flow hood with a port for a sterile connection to an experimental isolator and two microscopes is available for surgeries that requires such setups.

Portable Isoflurane devices are available for use during manipulations in the laminar flow hoods.

The CMF possesses two autoclaves to autoclave material for the mouse holding and the experimental material.