Core Facilities

Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry PMS

Our Core Facility Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry provides our profound expertise in proteomics research, gained during more than 20 years, to our customers for experiment planning, data production and results evaluation at the highest level.

Live Cell Imaging LCI

Our Core Facility Live Cell Imaging LCI provides analysis solutions for high-throughput imaging systems for complex cell-based imaging.

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting FCCS

Our Flow Cytrometry and Cell Sorting Facility FCCS is aimed at providing the necessary infrastructure and support for successful flow cytometric analyses and sorting.

Biomedical Genomics BMG

Our core facility Biomedical Genomics provides expertise and infrastructure in multiple aspects of genomics analysis, including next-generation sequencing library preparation, qPCR, droplet digital PCR, as well as dedicated lab space for nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup.

Translational Organoid Resource TOR

Our Core Facility Translational Organoid Rescouce provides....

Computational Biology

Our Core Facility Computational Biology provides....

Co-Authorship Guidelines for DBMR Core Facilities

Staff of the Core Facilities of the Department for BioMedical Research provide essential services for their users. It is therefore important to appreciate their contributions to the scientific advancement of the projects. The most appropriate type of acknowledgement may differ from project to project, and depends on the contribution provided by the Core Facility staff. You find the guidelines for co-authorship for Core Facilities under: Association of Biomolecular Resources Facilities ABRF

Animal Facilities

Core facilities to be migrated to the Experimental Animal Center EAC of the University of Bern

Research infrastructure

To enable researchers at the University of Bern and Inselspital to conduct scientific research at the highest level, the University houses several state-of-the-art Core Facilities.
Infrastructure of the University Bern