Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR)


Genetic Analyser (ABI)

A DNA sequencing system (ABI Genetic Analyser) is available in the DBMR. This equipment allows the sequencing of DNA fragments of up to ca. 600 bp (PCR products, plasmids).

DBMR affiliated research groups and after consultation, other research groups, can make use of this service. DNA samples must be “ready to sequence” and the equipment will only be operated by members of the Section of Human Genetics.

The ABI Genetic analyser is located in room E321 of the Kinderklinik, Inselspital.
The equipment consists of

a fully automatic 16 capillary sequencing system and
sequence analysis software.

Research groups affiliated to the DBMR have priority over other users. The sequence analyses will be carried out in order of sample submission.

Please note:

“ready to sequence” with an advance notification samples will be accepted from Monday to Friday by the human genetics laboratory (Kinderklinik, E326)
results of successful analyses will be distributed electronically

A charge of CHF 8.- per analysis will be levied.

DBMR affiliated research groups, upon demand, will be provided with exact instructions to prepare “ready to sequence” samples.