Titleimage: Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR)

The Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR) of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bern, led by Prof. Mark A. Rubin, MD, was established in 1994 by the University of Bern and the Inselspital (Bern University Hospital). The DBMR is divided in 13 Research Programs with about 100 participating individual labs and several Independent Research Labs whose research spans across all biomedical fields. To realize its mission to bridge the gap between bench and bedside, the DBMR promotes an integrative perspective to clinical research with a strong emphasis in the development of translational approaches, the use of omics and other cutting-edge technologies, and extensive interaction and collaboration between laboratory-based and patient-oriented clinical research. The DBMR is also committed to fostering the careers of young academics.


SNSF Sinergia project to understand the role of immuno-metabolic imprinting for sustainable weight loss

Congratulations to Prof. Ziad Al Nabhani and Prof. Thomas A. Lutz from the University of Zurich for their successful Sinergia project. We are looking forward to seeing the results of this project.

SF Board Call 2023

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Andreina Schoeberlein, Prof. Dr. Deborah Stroka, Prof. Dr. Paola Luciani (DCBP), Prof. Dr. Katia Monastyrskaya, PD Dr. Amiq Gazdhar, Dr. Ali Hasemi Gheinani and Prof. Dr. Benjamin Gantenbein on their successful SF Board Call 2023 Grant for establishing an extracellular vesicle (EV) Core Facility to standardize EV isolation, purification, and analysis for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, pushing the boundaries of EV-based technology at the University of Bern.

DBMR Day of BioMedical Research

Impressions of the DBMR Day of BioMedical Research 2023! Thank you to all participants, the keynote speaker Prof. Hans Clevers, to our sponsors, and organizing team.



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