Candinas Lab

Director: Prof. Daniel Candinas. The department’s research interests focus on liver regeneration, hepatic carcinomas and regenerative medicine of the liver and sphincter muscle.
PD Dr. Deborah Stroka: novel targets for the treatment of liver cancers, isolation of adult-derived stem cells for liver regeneration and repair.
Prof. Dr. Guido Beldi: the influence of extracellular signaling on the hepatic innate immune system during liver regeneration.
Dr. Lukas Brugger: muscle regeneration by stem cell therapy and artificial bowel sphincters.
Dr. Vanessa Banz: development of hepatocellular carcinomas and mechanisms to prevent cancer formation.
Dr. A Keogh: the cross-talk of signaling pathways in the liver under hypoxic conditions using isolated human hepatocytes, sinusoidal endothelial and biliary cells. Stem cells for liver regeneration and repair.