Ongoing Projects

Novel treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma and alveolar echinococcosis with a particular focus on minimally invasive techniques such as stereotactic computer-assisted navigation systems (PD Dr. Anja Lachenmayer). 

Understanding the influence of sex and gender on the outcome after hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgery (PD Dr. Vanessa Banz). 

Combining mathematical models with omics techniques is a powerful means to elucidate the mechanisms of proliferation in healthy and diseased livers (PD Dr. Daniel Sánchez Taltavull). In addition, they are developing mathematical models to understand and predict drug resistance with the aim of optimizing changes in therapy protocols (Juan Magalang, PhD student). 

Imaging mass cytometry (IMC): support the IMC Platform by both hosting and collaborating in IMC and sMC studies and providing expertise in all project stages, from cell staining to data analysis (Dr. Tess Brodie and Dr. Tural Yarahmadov).