Microsurgery course

The ESF is taking care of the organization of a microsurgery course in cooperation with the Inselspital. During the Microsurgery course participants will be able to familiarize with micro-instruments and learn the key points of micro-dissection, micro-suturing and vascular anastomosis. The small class size will make the instruction flexible, allowing a one-to-one, hands-on training for all the participants under the supervision of Mrs Rosmarie Frick a world-renowned teacher. The participation is open to residents, surgeons, nurses, medical students, or technicians with basic experience in microsurgery.

For more details, please consult: Microsurgery course

THE COURSE OF 2019 IS OVERBOOKED! Waiting lists are open.


Approval as satellite ECVAA center

We recently received the approval together with the Central animal Facility (CAF) as satellite centre of the ECVAA. We are happy to contribute to the improving of the standard of care of analgesia and anaesthesia in animal research.   

We are glad to welcome the trainees of the ECVAA, who wish to actively cooperate with us during our daily activities, including continuous education. A more detailed description of the offer will be soon available at the main page of the ECVAA website. Please contact for any further information.